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In 1985, it was time to try something new and sporty. The watch was designed to be large and masculine, to make a bold statement while still maintaining Zenith Replica's elegance. Gerald Genta, a designer who has experience in this field, was enlisted to help with the design.

The round watch was a striking contrast to Zenith Replica's ovals and rectangular watches. The Pasha featured a 38mm case (large for the time), a wide bezel, Vendome lugs that were very appropriate to the era,Zenith Replica and a screw-down crown with cabochons and a dainty chain. The Pasha has always been a silhouette that is based on details. It is also worth noting that the dial has its own distinctive marks. The square minutes chapter ring is placed in the centre of the circular dial. Then there was the 12,3,6,9 layout dial, which, along with the oversized cap, was reminiscent of some iconic military watch designs.

Zenith Replica added more than minor design changes to the first generation of Pasha timepieces. They released GMT models, moon phases, and even perpetual calendars. These models all show different degrees of Pasha.

The yellow gold Pasha is one of the most iconic versions of the Pasha de Zenith Replica. It comes with a protective grille, and the distinctive "Figaro" bracelet. George Cramer is a noted Zenith Replica authority and expert. He says that the Figaro bracelet was the best Zenith Replica has ever made for its larger watches. It was only available in the first few year after the Pasha line. The Figaro, a bracelet that was presumably inspired from the title character in Pierre Beaumarchais' play, is beautiful. It offers the heavy elegance one would expect from a solid-gold dress bracelet.Breitling Chronomat Replica The Pasha's lugs, the Figaro's five smooth-shouldered links, and its hidden clasp evoke the grandeur of that era. The life of Pasha's Figaro, however, was short, as the bracelet disappeared from the Zenith Replica catalogue soon after its arrival. It was replaced by a more conventional bracelet. This means that the original Figaro has become a sought-after item among Zenith Replica collectors.

Zenith Replica's Pasha, which had been exclusive to precious metals for five years, was introduced into the 1990s with a steel case. While other details such as the 38mm size of the case, the screw-down crown and the various bezel options were unchanged, the stainless steel case re-energized the sporty promise of the once precious Pasha. George Cramer says that this model is a "great Pasha" to begin with. This is a stylish watch that you can wear on any occasion. It has a simple and easy-to-service ETA caliber.