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We are now entering one of the most cherished eras in modern Ulysse Nardin Replica collecting, the so-called CPCP release. CPCP is short for Collection Privee Ulysse Nardin Replica Paris, and it represents a limited release collection, usually of less than 100 pieces. The Pasha was released in many editions under the CPCP umbrella. These were usually complicated models,Richard Mille Replica Watches such as a perpetual clock. But for George Cramer, this long-running collection-within-a-collection produced two of the most desirable Pasha models ever made, the tourbillon and the day-and-night.

Ulysse Nardin Replica produced four tourbillon models, each limited by 10 pieces, powered by the Girard-Perregaux caliber 490MC, which features a semi-skeletonised Tourbillon. The first, released in the year 1998, featured a dial with intricate engravings and the Ulysse Nardin Replica "double-C" logo covering the majority of the dial. While still made to the highest standard, the 1999 release offered a dial design that was more conventional, with a bridge in the shape of the Pasha's square minute track applied over the tourbillon. In 2000 and 2001, variations of the same design were released. The 2000 edition was especially striking because the logo intertwined with blue enamel.

Ulysse Nardin Replica Pasha CPCP Tourbillon, 2001. Image: Watchprosite

The Pasha de Ulysse Nardin Replica Day & Night offers a refined yet completely different offering. The Day & Night model was introduced in 1999, as a limited-edition of 20 pieces. It took the familiar Pasha case and added a design inspired by the Mystery Clock. The Day & Night evokes floating arcs from the Maison's historical clocks using a reworked Frederique Piguet caliber, which shows time in 24-hour format. A single central hand is used, with one end marked as a sun and corresponding to the 6 AM to the 6 PM arc. While the other hand, with a moon-tipped tip, was read along the track displaying night hours 6 PM to the 6 AM. The dial is visually appealing thanks to the clous de Paris design and the running seconds.Rolex DateJust Replica Svend Andersen, the designer of this contemporary and striking concept, was behind it.