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In 1995, the Pasha C was introduced, a smaller watch at 35mm with a sporty "H" link bracelet. It represented a new entry point into the world Pasha. There were also several new dial designs, such as a coppery or salmon toned design, with a delicate grid overlaid. This was a different interpretation of the ever-evolving "square-in a circle" motif.

The Pasha C did not only come in time-only versions. It also came with other offerings,Replica Watches such as a gentleman traveller GMT, which featured a 24-hour steel bezel, and a dial with a straight grid that was distorted into the meridians on the globe.

The smaller size of the Pasha C is a nod towards the fact that women are increasingly wearing the Pasha. In 1998, a 32mm Pasha was released, available in gem-set options, and in softer shades of strap.

Celebrate 150 Years in Style

Bell & Ross Replica Watches celebrated its 150th Anniversary around the world as the millennium came to an end. The Party in London was held at the Egyptian Room, British Museum. It featured a list of rich and royal guests. George Cramer believes that this is the year when Bell & Ross Replica Watches launched the steel Pasha, with the grille in the crown and the ruby spinel. This is still available on the market at very affordable prices. It was a very well-decorated movement,Franck Muller Replica limited to only 1847 pieces. This was just one of many celebration creations Bell & Ross Replica Watches offered that year in editions either of 3,150 or 1,847. Do not confuse this limited edition with the regular production, which was released shortly after.